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UMCP Women’s Association – Product Show Room

Another micro-agency project that negotiates between the public and private sectors is the Project for the Women’s Association of the Union of Inhabitants of Paraisópolis Favela (U.M.C.P.) and cleaning product private donor show-room.  This cleaning product company is a cult brand in Brazil, starting out as producers of brillo-pads, with the help of a highly comedic and prolific marketing strategy, they now sell a wide range of home cleaning products and women’s beauty products and even have a type of ‘cleaning academy’ where people learn how to clean different household rooms, using their products, of course.  In a centrally located intervention within the favela, the cleaning product company will both locate a showroom and sponsor a series of spaces for the U.M.C.P. Women’s Association, which include a professional kitchen, laundromat, café patio and auditorium, as well as administrative offices.  Based on the spiral stairs located on so many facades within the favela, and on the larger architectural typology of a circulatory façade system, a set of differently sized and angled spiral stairs define the front façade, one of which will actually serve as a physical connection between different levels of the building, while the rest of the field of differentiating spiral stair cases will serve as display cases at the ground floor for the cleaning product showroom, and above, as a solar-shading and vertical spiraling garden system. Produce from the façade can be used in the centre’s professional kitchen and sold in the patio café.
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