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Alcantarilla Villa

The Villa in Jardim Sul Features 6 rowhouses of 180m2 each, with four bedrooms, a split level section and lush back-gardens. The facades are shaded using  computer-numercially controlled milled wood panels generated with parametric software to coordinate the aperture of opening and variable depth of panels with  solar angles.  Sliding panels allow for different levels of privacy and access to balconies. The same Milles Feuilles motif is used for exterior guardrails as well as the interior guard-rails of the interior staircases. The left-over milled pieces are used to create mobiles and bas-relief decorations on both the interior of the homes as well as the exterior gate of the Vila.

Anne Save de Beaurecueil and Franklin Lee
Design Team: Suyeon Song, Victor Sardenberg, Thiago Pimental, and Yoojin Kim
Local Architect: B.E.A. Miguel Fabregues
+55 11 3062-3522
Al. Tietê, 17
01417-020 São Paulo SP