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Loft On/Off

In the re-conversion of a former workshop, the 60 m2 space has being transformed into a small studio.  A challenge from the beginning was to improve the natural light quality, which was achieved by opening up two walls with the introduction of sliding glass doors that open up onto a curving terrace overlooking a dense green landscape, and which also allow the diffused southern exposure light to illuminate the interior. Additionally, tessellated sliding wood panels serve both to conceal and reveal the kitchen appliances and shelving, transforming the studio into a space that can reconfigure overtime. These panels were fabricated using computer numerically controlled laser cutting technology.


subdv: Franklin Lee + Anne Save de Beaurecueil

Engineer and construction: engineer Paulo Chang (Garra Construções)

Wood Shop: Francisco Andrade (JNC marcenaria)

Photograph: Juan Guerra (Fine Art)
+55 11 3062-3522
Al. Tietê, 17
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