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UMCP Headquarters-Cultural Centre

This is a community garden-cultural and sports centre for the Union of Inhabitants and Commerce of the Paraisópolis Favela (U.M.C.P.) in São Paulo, Brazil. Extending from a new connection between the favela and a lush park of the bordering posh neighborhood, a parametric algorithmic process was used to generate a series of landscaped terraces, shading canopies, as well as classrooms and sports fields. Emerging from the inhabitants of the favela itself, the a self-organized association which currently offers courses to teach illiterate favela residents how to read and write, as well as vocation courses, yet in very poor physical facilities. With new well-serviced classrooms, more students can be made literate sooner, helping them to advance in society, while community gardens provide residents with healthy food, as well as lessons about cultivation and nutrition.



CREDITS: SUBdV: Anne Save de Beaurecueil and Franklin Lee Design Team: Hart Marlow, Yoojin Kim, Suyeon Song, Ricky Rui Li Local Architect: B.E.A. Beatriz Fabregues, Miguel Fabregues and Mariana Hassel
+55 11 3062-3522
Al. Tietê, 17
01417-020 São Paulo SP