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Usiminas Technological Park

This is a 2500 m2 building to serve as a factory and research centre for Usiminas steel manufacturer in the Technology Park in Rio de Janeiro. The advanced use of steel through digital fabrication and parametric design sought to reflect the latest steel fabrication technologies to be produced and researched within the building itself. A three-storey structure of offices and laboratories were raised on piloti above an open factory floor, while a curving shell of de-laminating sun-shade and light reflectors created a double skin to mediate the light and natural ventilation of the building. The triangular components were generated using parametric design to respond to key sun-angles throughout the year, and were used at multiple scales to create an ornamental effect. The components were also coordinated to have inlet and outlet points for air flows, helping to cool the building and lower air-conditioning loads.


SUBdV: Anne Save de Beaurecueil and Franklin Lee
A&M Arquitetura: Fernando Maculan and Mariza Machado Coelho
Architecture Team:
SUBdV:Hyun Jin Kim and Asako Hayashi
A&M Arquitetura: : Guilherme Peluci, Felipe José, and Janaina Lopes Nogueira

Structural Engineering:
Marcello Teixeira e Sigefredo Saldanha

Mechanical Engineering:
Wagner Garrocho Noronha

Pulso 3D
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