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AA shop-front fab Visiting School

SHOP-FRONT FAB Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica – FILE at Instituto Cervantes  10-19 JULY 2012

The Barra Funda district of São Paulo was once characterised by a vibrant mix of small industrial, commercial and residential programmes, but over time, as economic policies have favoured agglomerated, larger production industries, numerous companies have abandoned the area and moved to the periphery or even abroad. In response to this decentralisation, the workshop proposes the creation of new types of smaller industries to produce a mix of both consumption and production within the centre, manifested through micro-manufacturing interventions that can co-exist alongside retail and housing. At its core will be the idea that computational design and digital fabrication can be used to help create these new micro-industries, which in turn will help empower local craftsman to produce and sell directly to consumers through micro-manufacturing, located in small urban workshops implanted within the centre district. The workshop will tap into the energy of the emergent gallery scene of Barra Funda together with local initiatives that are employing computational technology to introduce a new cultural and economic impetus for the area. Participants will learn to use these technologies – notably the CAD programmes Rhino and Grasshopper (and numerous plug-ins including GECO, Galapagos, Kangaroo and RhinoCam);  Arduino and Processing;  and the use of laser-cutters, rapid- prototype machines and CNC routers and mills – to produce 1:1-scale interventions within the region, for example, temporary event structures, market canopy stands and urban furniture. No previous knowledge of these programmes is necessary.  The workshop will be taught by AA Tutors and Assistants and local architects and specialists, including Alan Dempsey (NEX  and AA Independent’s Group), Robert Stuart Smith (kokkugia and AA DRL), Ivan Ivanoff (Estado Media-Lateral Lab), Yoojin Kim (AA Diploma), Ernesto Bueno (parametricismo), Victor Sardenberg (SUBdV), with Anne Save de Beaurecueil and Franklin Lee (SUBdV). The workshop itself will be a part of the 2012 International Festival of Electronic Language (FILE) at Instituto Cervantes, an avant-garde exhibition of interactive electronic technology, and will suggest ways in which these electronic technologies can be imported out of the gallery and into a new neighbourhood cooperative. In this we will work directly with local Barra Funda manufacturers, artists, and activists, with the goal of disseminating a high-tech yet low-cost and small-scale fabrication system will hopefully further promote this new micro-industrial movement. The workshop is open to architecture and design students and professionals worldwide.
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