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Remix Hotel

REMIX HOTEL São Paulo, 2014

This project represented economy and material optimization, as well as a reflection on the benefits and possibilities applying of new design and manufacturing technologies.


The computational design applied curves to afford more personality and contemporary language to the furniture and its fabrication succeeded with the use of CNC milling. A fundamental aspect of the project is the reuse of existing material and a more efficient design, affording better use and greater flexibility to the space. This project uses digital design and fabrication to literally give existing generic hotel furniture a ‘new edge’. In one week, a whole floor of 10 rooms was disassembled and milled according to our design, and then assembled again. A workshop was built in the hotel garage with CNC Milling Machines. The existing furniture was disassembled, the wood panels were transformed by CNC milling a series of parametric three-dimensional bevelled curves, and the panels were reassembled to create a new set of hotel room desks, shelves, headboards and valences. After ten years of use, this hotel’s furniture on Avenida Paulista – São Paulo was lagged. SUBdV proposed the reuse of all furniture components to create a specific design with special features



Remix Hotel by SUBdV
Directors: Franklin Lee and Anne Save de Beaurecueil




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