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Cora Garrido Library

Informed by research proposals made by our AA Diploma 2 2009-2010 and AA Brazil Visiting School São Paulo ` Micro-Revolutions` Studios, SUBdV developed a library program to extend the activities of the former boxing champion Nilson Garrido`s informal  Boxing and Sports Academy under the viaducts, to attract a larger public, further recognition and funding to further aid his program in helping to give poor local inhabitants new opportunities, discipline, and self esteem.  Parametrically controlled splines define a system of horizontal layers for shelving, seating and display cases that extend both inside and outside the library, and which also structure the façade, thus creating a thickened-programmed façade system that counters the flat infill-plane of the modernist building façade typology.

Credits: SUBdV: Anne Save de Beaurecueil + Franklin Lee, Victor Sardenberg FOR Nilson Garrido
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