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AA Rio de Janeiro Visiting School 2015 ‘RUNWAY’


In collaboration with Acadêmicos do Grande Rio Samba School, University Federal of Rio de Janeiro and the Carioca Center of Design.     January 10th-18th, 2015


The Sambadromo is a 700m-long, 13m-wide purpose-built linear stadium designed by Oscar Niemeyer and constructed specifically to host the annual parade of Samba Schools during the Carnival festival. For the remaining 361 days of the year it stands empty and desolate as a massive dividing wall within its degraded urban context. Renovated in 2012 and now the future site for the 2016 Olympic marathon finish line and archery events, as well as the impromptu campground for Argentinian football fans at the World Cup final, the Sambadromo is receiving renewed international attention, but it drastically needs to accommodate new types of programme and improve its connection with its surrounding context. AAVS Rio de Janeiro will explore ways to intervene within and transform the Sambadromo. The teaching team will be led by Elena Manferdini  ( to teach and use advanced digital design and fabrication to generate iterative transformations in the creation of new micro-infrastructures.
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