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AA Visiting School São Paulo 2015 – SKYLINE

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The city of São Paulo is characterized by an endless horizon of monolithic and non-descript towers. A newly instated City Master Plan promotes further vertical development by allowing for higher skyline and construction areas along public transportation corridors. Up until now, neighborhoods once characterized by two-story houses, gardens and ground- floor open shopfront programs, have been completely transformed by the introduction of fortressed monolithic residential and office towers, which lack any sort of urban street life.
The new master-plan, however, now requires buildings to have an open street façade to accommodate multiple programs.  Led by tutors from UN Studio (, the AA Visiting School São Paulo will address the changes being prescribed by the new masterplan through the redefinition of the tower typology in the extending of the ground of street culture, green landscapes and ecological mediation along the vertical axis of these buildings. For this, the workshop will teach advanced digital design and fabrication techniques to explore a series of novel differentiating structural and environmental organizations in the redefinition of the São Paulo skyscraper.
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