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AA Rio de Janeiro 2016 – RIO > TOKYO INTERACTIVE
Architectural Association Visiting School Rio de Janeiro
Interactive Architectural Design Workshop
October 7th-15th, 2016

The Olympics have always been a celebration of the power of the human body in motion. Over time, sports infrastructure has evolved relatively little in terms of creatively incorporating the technologies from contemporary digital environments that transform human movement through time and space.  This year the Rio de Janeiro Visiting School 2016 will inhabit the in-between, transitory  ‘passing of the baton’ between host cities, as Rio de Janeiro hands over the torch to Tokyo, the epicentre of technological artistic innovation. Led by Japanese interactive digital-architect Seiichi Saito of Rhizomatiks (, who has created a series of digitally immersive projects, such as the computationally enhanced interactive treadmill play-scape of the Gatorade Run – Fun Race Machine, and the interactive digitally augmented dance choreography of theNosaj Thing “Eclipse/Blue” performance, the AA Visiting School Rio de Janeiro 10-day intensive workshop will focus on how sports infrastructure can be informed and transformed by scanned body data so to both illustrate and improve human athletic capacity and interactively engage the spectator. Students will use the polemic new competition for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic stadium as a testing ground for the creation of a new type of intelligent and interactive sports architecture. The workshop will teach eyeball and brain scanning, interactive coding, and parametric digital design and fabrication, to create a post-robotic morphing between the sensibility of the body and novel computational innovation, between Rio de Janeiro 2016 and Tokyo 2020.
IMAGE CREDIT: Rhizomatics 
Gatorade Run – Fun Race Machine
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