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Zhengzhou Housing, China

A serial rhythm of different protrusions and setbacks defines an elegant and playful design that creates a dynamically shifting movement of different light reflections, shades and shadows throughout the day, as well as a variety of different balcony and terrace conditions on the façade.  At night, the buildings literally glow, with the translucent panels of the channel glass emitting a diffused field of light, color and darkness.  From the interior, the flexible modular spaces are bathed with both the direct light from clear transparent glazing, as well as the indirect diffused light from the frosted effects of the channel glass.  The translucent channel glass brings in light, yet offers privacy and thermal insulation, and is also an inexpensive building material as it is structurally integrative and requires no metal framework to support it.

SUBDV: Anne Save de Beaurecueil, Diego Lopez and Franklin Lee
IDEA: Qun Dang
+55 11 3062-3522
Al. Tietê, 17
01417-020 São Paulo SP