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Sonic Studio


Designed as a rehearsal space for the Lee Konitz Nonet and Blue Seven Jazz ensembles, the design for the Sonic Studio rehearsal space was developed using the algorithmic digital modeling technique of geodetic sub-division. The configuration of ceiling acoustic panels produces multi-directional sound reflections from the variably sized and angled surfaces, creating a diffuse sound landscape within the room. These panels were fabricated using computer numerically controlled laser cutting technology.  A re-conversion of a former sculpture studio of the artist Dominique Calabrone, the design for the 1000 square feet studio involved maintaining the existing quality of natural light from the large windows, while still creating a proper acoustic ambience for rehearsals. The re-conversion also included waterproofing the existing corrugated pre-cast concrete roofing members using polyester reinforced sheet membrane, installing internal thermal and acoustic batt-insulation on top of the new hung ceiling framing system supporting the panels, re-finishing the bare concrete floor with “peroba Brazilian” wood, and re-painting the white textured cement walls and the bas-relief sculpture of Dominique Calabrone.






CREDITS subdv:  Franklin Lee and Anne Save de Beaurecueil

Contractor:  Garra Construcoes: Paulo Chang

Acoustic Engineer:  Alberto Ranelluchi

Photograph: Rodrigo Schust
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